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The “3-D Effect” in Landscape Photography

A friend commented to me this past week that my photographs look “3-D” and asked how I achieved the look. We were inside a loud, crowded basketball gym and it was hard to talk to each other. I know I didn’t explain it well under those circumstances and thought the concept might be a good journal […]


Photo Tip: Never Pass Up An ‘S’ Curve!

I couldn’t pass up this scene in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains because it offered one of the best compositional features in landscape photography – an ‘S’ curve. Never pass up an ‘S’ curve when you see one in a landscape scene. It’s value is in its ability and inherent energy to draw a viewer’s eye […]

Roadside Flowers: the Common Chicory

Last Summer, I made it a point to notice the season’s emergence of overlooked wildflowers along country roads including the common Chicory (Cichorium intybus). Don’t know about you, but I enjoy seeing the different varieties of wildflowers emerge throughout the growing season. When common Chicory and other flowers are in bloom, I’ll make it a […]

The Best Images of 2016: Black Eyed Susan Cluster

One of my goals this past year was to photograph more flowers and continue working to create a soft, colorful, totally unique style of photographing them. I’ve been referring to the collection as “Floral Expressions.” I captured so many images this past Spring that Deb and I were able to unveil a whole booth wall […]