Brady Kesner Photography

To protect the innocent…

I have chosen to keep the full names of the folks who contributed these testimonials off of this page with respect to their privacy.

However, these are real people, who have made real comments about my images, that have made me feel real good! I visit this page often when I’m in a slump.

Thank you, friends, for the continued support. – bk


Testimonials from people who have purchased my photographs.

What I love about your photography is not just what is “said” by the physical photograph, but for me, there’s always something deeper, “unspoken,” that gives your work a depth you don’t find in most other photographs.

Thank you so much, the prints are awesome!  I hung them already and they look fantastic. You make my office ROCK!!!

I hope you did well at the art fair. Between your immense talent and those beautiful metal prints, your work certainly stands out from all the rest!

I saw you twice at the Queeny Park Art Fair and bought two of your metal prints. I love getting your newsletters and I hate to get anyone else’s for any reason. I’m forwarding yours to friends. Three at least. You’re amazing. I’m a true fan.

Your photography is stunning. I am impressed.

You are the best photographer I know Brady! So glad you share your talents with all of us…

There is one of your pics in my Dad’s hospital room. It looks awesome! You do a fantastic job!

The print looks phenomenal! I can’t wait to get it hung up in the office.

Oh my gosh we LOVE the metal print we just bought from you. My husband has wanted a print on that wall forever and I have resisted because I felt that it needed to be something more 3D like a metal sculpture. Well when we saw that print yesterday, we both knew immediately that was it! Best of both worlds. We got the kind of nature shot we love, green matches the walls, browns and coppers pull out the cherry cabinets and copper counter top, the lighter colors pull in some of the granite. And, it’s metal! Thanks for living in our heads (or at least your camera is).

Love your pictures Brady! Thanks for sharing =)

Brady, your photographs are just breath taking.

Brady, I love your photography always, but love your commentary even more. It makes it all so much more meaningful. You are truly an artist!

Really enjoyed the eagle pictures and the stories that went along with them. Those are some amazing shots.

Your images warmed my heart this morning! The eagle triptych is amazing! Thank you for so generously sharing your work.

Your last newsletter was great and do love your essay on each image. You are such a good writer, too.

Beautiful work. I especially love your eagle photo trio. Stunning.

As always, I love your best photos of 2012! Great work!

Your photos are absolutely wonderful! I’m not sure which one is my favorite. I think I went “Awe!” with every one. Thank you for sharing them with me. I will share them with my husband who is am amateur photographer. I’m sure he will love them too.

Thank you very much. It’s been a pleasure working with you to get a custom print. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

I love your art work and the metal medium you utilize!

I always keep your Newsletter on my computer for a while to be able to look at your pictures over and over again!

Thanks for the newsletter. Once again your words are as great as your pictures. The feeling one receives as they walk with nature is one of amazement. You capture this.

I love your work so much. You are such an inspiration.

I would need a mansion to buy all of the images that I love. Your new home page is great. It opened on the old farm house which I loved and everything that followed was just as beautiful.

Your newsletter is fantastic, as usual. I wish I had the eye for composition that you have – I am jealous.

The pictures you take of wherever you go are a beautiful testament to nature and mankind.

I love the new photos from the newsletter! Absolutely beautiful work!

I just finished reading your Newsletter. I love your pictures and I always pick a favorite. This time it is the red leaf on the rock. Sooo beautiful. Thanks for enriching my life.

As usual your images are absolutely amazing! I need the images of the ocean on my wall! You are truly greatly talented young man, keep up the awesome work…

The 12×18 print is just beautiful! Thanks so much for getting this to me so quick. My friend is going to LOVE it!!!

Unsubscribe to your newsletter? No, never!I marvel and truly enjoy your captures of the beautiful scenes around us. Thank You.

Your website is great! I have visited a few times and enjoy seeing what’s new. You are blessed with an incredible gift.

I have been to the exhibition location several times while your ‘Liquid Landscapes’ series was on display – sooooo cool!

You should stop by and see your image hanging in my house. It is breathtaking! I go downstairs sometimes just to look at it…

My mother loved the copy of “Ogle Lake, Brown County, IN” that I gave her for Christmas. She hung it in the most prominent place on the wall of her living room. I think that she enjoyed that gift more than any other gift that I have given her in recent years. Thanks again for taking such a beautiful photograph.

We received many, many nice compliments on your work and had at least three people come back in with someone just to show them your images. They love it.

Gorgeous photography, Brady.

Just read through your newsletter, what awesome pics! I also love love love the new one with the bible! Even more I loved your reflections about it. What a way to show your faith and proclaim the message… awesome job!!!

I love your work… it is astounding. More like awe inspiring… nah… don’t think there are right words to capture it!

Thanks so much for sending the newsletter! I love seeing your beautiful photos. The one of the red trees in Silver Lake is just awesome! You have such a good eye for color and for form and for the beauty that is all around us. Looking forward to the next edition!

OK, I am mad at you. I came into my work room to get something done and made a detour to read read my emails. Now I can’t pull myself away from your website! I am getting nothing done, but sure am enjoying looking at all of your pictures. LOVE THEM! You are so gifted and I am a fan, but you know that.

Just went through your web page and so glad I have known you all these years. As I forwarded it to friends, I felt such pride in your work and most of all the way you talk about it. Johnson Shut Ins was so neat the way you captured it. Thanks for sharing.

I meant to tell you how awesome your work is! When we are serious about really decorating our house, we need to look through your work and decide what we both like.  I really like that lots of your pics are taken from our area.

I really enjoy your work and hope one day be as good as you. Your work is amazing keep it up!

Damn, you’re awesome.  Love what you’re doing (and no, I’m not just saying that).  You do great work.

I just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful pictures of my horse. I more than love them, I adore them and will treasure them forever! I get all teary every time I look at them. — Brady, you did a beautiful job and I appreciate your talent. I will definately be referring others to you for their equine photos.

Just viewed your web site – Awesome! I’m savin’ money to get some art. I’ll make sure my customers know about the site!

I stumbled upon your FaceBook page and then to your new website… then I looked at the clock and realized 42 minutes have passed!  I would say that means a job well done for you! — Anyway, great job; I love your site, your commentary and of course your photos.  Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us!

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I am so very proud of your accomplishments!

Your photographs hanging in my new house are wonderful! I cannot wait to show them off to everyone!

Thanks for the great service and wonderful prints!

I am absolutely happy with my print! You capture some of God’s beautiful creation, and I’m glad that I finally have one of your pieces. Proud to show it off!