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A project with the intent of celebrating the softness, grace and vibrant color of flowers in a new, artful way.

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See you in the Fall of 2021!

We plan to exhibit at art fairs this coming fall as things should be closer to normal by then, whatever normal is! We miss seeing everyone. In the meantime, if you are interested in a photographic print, or just have a question, please reach out to us.

Photography for Homes, Offices and Corporate Entities

Bring the soothing power of Nature Photography into your home, office or corporate space.

My Photography Journal

Discover and read the best tips, ideas, and musings about photography – all written by me!

My Photography Philosophy

Who I am, my photo philosophy, my favorite snack food… I dare you to dive into this page.

It’s Nice To Be Loved…

OK, I am mad at you. I came into my work room to get something done and made a detour to read read my emails. Now I can’t pull myself away from your website! I am getting nothing done, but sure am enjoying looking at all of your pictures. LOVE THEM! You are so gifted and I am a fan, but you know that.

My mother loved the copy of “Ogle Lake, Brown County, IN” that I gave her for Christmas. She hung it in the most prominent place on the wall of her living room. I think that she enjoyed that gift more than any other gift that I have given her in recent years. Thanks again for taking such a beautiful photograph.

I saw you twice at the Queeny Park Art Fair and bought two of your metal prints. I love getting your newsletters and I hate to get anyone else’s for any reason. I’m forwarding yours to friends. Three at least. You’re amazing. I’m a true fan.

Brady, I love your photography always, but love your commentary even more. It makes it all so much more meaningful. You are truly an artist!

The pictures you take of wherever you go are a beautiful testament to nature and mankind.

As usual your images are absolutely amazing! I need the images of the ocean on my wall! You are truly a greatly talented young man, keep up the awesome work…

Thank you so much, the prints are awesome!  I hung them already and they look fantastic. You make my office ROCK!!!

Your photographs hanging in my new house are wonderful! I cannot wait to show them off to everyone!

Brady Kesner

Brady Kesner is a fine art Nature Photographer based in Highland, Illinois. He is passionate about photographing all things Nature with the hope of re-connecting people with the soothing beauty of the natural world.

His photographs are for sale at a number of art fairs and through this website. They are also on display in a number of hospitals, medical facilities, and too many homes to count.

While shooting in the field, he is known for sporting an over sized, out-of-style fanny pack purchased in 1989.

Contact Information:

618-972-9679 / 15 Meadowlark Lane / Highland, Illinois / Email