Roadside Lily Orange

Photo Tip: “Shooting Through” to Paint Color

In early Summer, many ditches alongside the country roads near my home are filled with patches of orange lilies. I look forward to seeing them every year knowing that other wildflowers will soon follow. Anyway, I spent some quality time in a…

The “3-D Effect” in Landscape Photography

A friend commented to me this past week that my photographs look "3-D" and asked how I achieved the look. We were inside a loud, crowded basketball gym and it was hard to talk to each other. I know I didn't explain it well under those circumstances…
Wave Feather and Sunlight Lake Superior Michigan

Photo Tip: Great Light and Simple Composition Yields Artistic Photographs

Photography Tip: If you are looking strictly for exceptional light, you can more often than not find a good photograph. Likewise, if you teach yourself to look strictly for the simplest of compositions, you can frequently find a compelling…
Winding River San Juan Mountains Colorado

Photo Tip: Never Pass Up An ‘S’ Curve!

I couldn't pass up this scene in Colorado's San Juan Mountains because it offered one of the best compositional features in landscape photography - an 'S' curve. Never pass up an 'S' curve when you see one in a landscape scene. It's value is…