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Roadside Lily Orange

Photo Tip: “Shooting Through” to Paint Color

In early Summer, many ditches alongside the country roads near my home are filled with patches of orange lilies. I look forward to seeing them every year knowing that other wildflowers will soon follow. Anyway, I spent some quality time in a…
Black Eyed Susan Cluster

The Best Images of 2016: Black Eyed Susan Cluster

One of my goals this past year was to photograph more flowers and continue working to create a soft, colorful, totally unique style of photographing them. I've been referring to the collection as "Floral Expressions." I captured so many images…
Pink Dogwood Blossoms

The Best Images of 2016: Pink Dogwood Blossoms

I really got a creative thrill out of photographing flowers in 2016 and as I write this, am counting the days until Spring arrives again so I can continue. The process is very artistic, slow, interesting and a total stress reliever for me. An…