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Brady Kesner’s floral images are quite unconventional. Soft focus, painterly effects, and swirls of color come together naturally through the lens to create distinctive flower photographs.

Lynnette Schuepbach’s floral-inspired poems and prose will entertain you and challenge you to consider ordinary flowers as truly extraordinary.

These two friends bring their talents together to create this one-of-a-kind book guaranteed to delight and open your eyes to a new appreciation of flowers.

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Brady’s Remarks About the Book

I have been photographing flowers in the spring and early summer for a number of years – using an expressive style of photography that I believe is unique and different.

After shooting for a number of seasons, I realized I had a large number of images created. So I decided to assemble a digital book – never intending to print it, but instead share it with a few friends and photography contacts.

The first iteration of the book – with some text penned by me – turned out nice, but desperately needed some quality writing. And that’s when I thought of my friend, Lynnette.

Lynnette Schuepbach is a talented artist, writer, and published author. Her poetry and prose – inspired by the images in the book – add immeasurable value and make the book a work of art.

Floral Expressions became a labor of love for both of us and Lynnette and I are thrilled with how it turned out. We’re sure you will feel the same!

  • Very Limited Print Run
  • Exceptional Print Quality
  • Full Color Pages
  • 12″ wide by 9″ tall
  • 134 Pages
  • Soft Cover
  • Unique gift for the flower lover or gardener

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